The Genie S, an indoor camera, taps into AI tech for its smart capabilities.
Credit: Psync / Canva

“Are we really seeing the world’s first GPT-powered indoor camera?” I found myself blurting out in astonishment upon encountering the Psync Genie S at Pepcom, a showcase for cutting-edge tech held earlier this month.

It seems like companies are on a mission to infuse AI into nearly every product in their grasp, even if it may not seem intuitively necessary. Take for instance, spotting ChatGPT in smart glasses. With AI taking the spotlight, it’s only logical to leverage its current popularity, right?

The Genie S indoor camera on backyard table
The Genie S indoor camera ironically placed outside.
Credit: Kimberly Gedeon / Mashable

Initially, I was perplexed when Psync representatives mentioned integrating AI into an indoor camera. I had one persistent question: “How does AI truly benefit an indoor camera?” However, as they unveiled the details, I began to see its potential in various scenarios.

The Application of AI in the Genie S Indoor Camera

The Genie S employs a sophisticated multimodal AI, bolstered by a Visual Language Model (VLM). It has the ability to “perceive” images and craft detailed descriptions based on them. Here are three remarkable ways this indoor camera leverages this AI technology:

  • Smart object recognition with room scanning: From your teapot on the stove to a mug on the coffee table, the Genie S can identify items within the room. Consequently, if something seems out of place, you can simply touch the object and it will provide information about it.

Genie S companion app recognizing objects in the room with AI
Genie S companion app recognizing objects in the room with AI
Credit: Kimberly Gedeon / Mashable
  • Activity detection and recognition: It can discern and identify activities such as your puppy wagging its tail or your child entering through the door, and then send descriptive notifications. For instance, instead of a generic “motion detected” alert, you’ll receive a detailed description like “girl in orange sweater seen at the door entrance.” (You can even customize the app to notify you about specific types of motion-based activities.)

Descriptive texts from Genie S
Genie S can send descriptive texts of what it “sees.”
Credit: Psync
  • Targeted search functionality: Users can search through the Genie S’ recordings with specific object or person queries. For instance, if you need to review footage to investigate a spill in your living room, you can search using terms like “pet” or “puppy” to locate the perpetrator.

While I still question the value of AI-driven detailed notifications in and of themselves, what truly captures my attention is the ability to customize the app to discern which actions deserve detailed alerts. For instance, my outdoor security camera frequently bombards me with notifications for trivial, inconsequential activities, from scampering squirrels to passing vehicles.

Genie S indoor camera sitting in front of a plant
The Genie S indoor camera uses AI to detect and recognize people and things.
Credit: Kimberly Gedeon / Mashable

If I could configure the camera to solely notify me when it identifies human figures, I’d be absolutely delighted. Thankfully, I can instruct the Genie S to send alerts based on specific categories. For example, it can be set to notify only if it recognizes a “man” or “boy,” keeping an eye on your spouse and son, for instance.

Another standout feature for me is the ability to search through the camera’s recordings using descriptive text. Navigating through a library of footage to locate that one specific video can be a chore, but with the Genie S, a simple search using keywords like “pet” can swiftly fetch the content you require.

Notably, purchasing the Genie S alone doesn’t unlock its AI capabilities. Access to its AI features necessitates subscribing to a $0.99-per-month service called ViewSay, currently in its beta phase.

A Glimpse at the Genie S’ Capabilities

Even without the ViewSay subscription, the Genie S stands out as an indoor camera, based on its specifications.

It operates through a companion app known as Psync, serving as a remote control for the Genie S. For instance, placing the Genie S in a dimly lit kitchen allows you to use the app to activate its built-in spotlight. The app also features a brightness slider for adjusting the luminosity to your preference.

Genie S companion app UI
You can increase the brightness, which is beneficial for dark areas.
Credit: Psync

The companion app further allows users to track and monitor targets, with the ability to rotate horizontally by 350 degrees and vertically by 125 degrees. Here are some additional specifications worth noting:

  • 5 megapixel camera

  • 2560 x 1440 resolution pictures

  • Full portrait mode for content capture

  • Support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

  • Up to 64GB of storage

  • Two-way communication with individuals in the room via a “call” feature

A dog captured in the Psync app
You can tap on “Call” to talk to anyone you see on camera.
Credit: Psync

The Genie S is available starting at $34.99. Stay tuned! I’m planning an extensive review of the Genie S to thoroughly test this remarkable GPT-powered indoor camera, so keep an eye out for the upcoming analysis.

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