If you’ve ever thrown a wine and cheese night or been in charge of the charcuterie board, you know that Trader Joe’s cheeses are top-notch. The reasonable prices and wide selection, including unique blends, make shopping at Trader Joe’s for cheese a delightful experience. With so many choices available, picking the perfect cheese for your cheese board or snacking needs can be tricky. To help you out, we sampled some of the best Trader Joe’s cheeses and evaluated how they stacked up against each other.

From well-loved options like Trader Joe’s bread cheese to newcomers like their caramelized onion cheddar, we tried a variety of cheeses and ranked them from least favorite to best. Read on to discover which Trader Joe’s cheeses stood out and which ones missed the mark.

The Top Ranked Trader Joe’s Cheeses

Disclaimer: While we may not be cheese experts, we know what we like. Our rankings are based on whether we would choose to buy these cheeses again as cheese enthusiasts.

12. White Stilton Cheese with Apricots

We expected the fruit and cheese combo to be a hit, but the White Stilton Cheese with Apricots fell short. Its overly fruity taste and bitter aftertaste left us unimpressed. While opinions may vary, this one won’t be a repeat purchase for us.

11. Port Salut Semi-Soft Cheese

Port Salut Semi-Soft Cheese landed at number 11. While not bad, this cheese leans on the plain side, making it a safe choice for a cheese board with bolder flavors. It’s a decent option for those who prefer a milder cheese that plays a supporting role.

10. Italian Truffle Cheese

If you’re a truffle fan, don’t miss out on Trader Joe’s Italian Truffle Cheese. While the truffle flavor could be intense for some, it paired well with Fig & Olive Crackers and grapes. A must-try for truffle enthusiasts!

9. Blueberry Vanilla Chevre

For a unique experience, try the Blueberry Vanilla Chevre. It’s a delightful mix of goat cheese and blueberry cheesecake flavors, making it a great choice for those easing into goat cheese. A delicious and versatile option.

8. Pizza Bread Cheese

trader joes bread cheese

The internet buzz around Trader Joe’s Pizza Bread Cheese intrigued us. While it may require heating for optimal enjoyment, this unique cheese offers a comforting taste reminiscent of leftover pizza. Enjoy it as a late-night treat rather than a cheese board feature.

7. Cheddar Cheese with Caramelized Onions

Trader Joe’s Cheddar Cheese with Caramelized Onions is a bold and savory option reminiscent of fried onions. While the flavor is intense, it’s a great addition to switch up your cheese board offerings.

6. Unexpected Cheddar Cheese

Trader Joe’s Unexpected Cheddar Cheese pleasantly surprises with its blend of cheddar and parmesan flavors. Versatile, affordable, and flavorful, it’s a must-have for any cheese lover.

5. Asiago Cheese with Rosemary and Olive Oil

This savory Asiago Cheese with Rosemary and Olive Oil is a standout choice that you won’t want to stop eating. The earthy rosemary complements the asiago perfectly, making it a fantastic pick for any cheese board.

4. Alpeost Cheese

Alpeost Cheese may not have fancy flavors, but its delicious taste makes it a new favorite. A versatile cheese that is perfect for various cheese-related endeavors.

3. Toscano Cheese with Black Pepper

This peppercorn Toscano cheese is a showstopper with its cheddar and parm blend. The pepper adds a kick without overpowering the cheese, making it a definite hit.

2. Syrah-Soaked Creamy Toscano Cheese

The creamy texture of Syrah-Soaked Creamy Toscano Cheese pairs perfectly with the cheddar and parm flavors. A crowd-pleasing option that adds elegance to any gathering.

1. Old Amsterdam Premium Aged Gouda

The Old Amsterdam Premium Aged Gouda stole the show. Known as Our All-Time Favorite Trader Joe’s Cheese, this gouda offers a blend of sweet and savory flavors with a smooth texture and crunchy crystals. A must-try cheese that will leave you craving more.


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