If you have been online recently, you may have witnessed artificial intelligence generating images from text prompts. Normally, this process takes some time, but what if it could happen instantly, as you type?

Well, it can. At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, chip manufacturer MediaTek presented various impressive AI demonstrations. Among them, the most remarkable one was the showcase of SDXL Turbo, an AI engine capable of instantly creating images in real-time based on text input.


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MediaTek’s real-time AI functionality truly delivers. During a hands-on test, the image transformed instantly according to the text input. For example, typing “red” changed the image to a red tapestry, and adding “cat” switched it to an image of a reddish cat. The rendering was almost immediate for any subsequent text input.

A similar concept was observed on Samsung’s Galaxy 24 Ultra with its AI-driven wallpaper generation, however, MediaTek’s demonstration showcased even faster image creation, happening right in real-time as you type.

In another demo, a text input could generate an AI-created video, although this took around 30 seconds to appear. It’s easy to envision a future where users can direct their own videos by simply typing what they want to see, with AI generating results fast enough to appear instantaneous.

The demo units featured the latest APU (AI Processing Unit) hardware found in MediaTek’s Dimensity 9300 smartphone chip, and MediaTek confirmed that the demonstrations were completely running on the device. This suggests that this advanced technology may soon be available on a wide range of smartphones.

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