If you’re the go-to host in your friend group, always on the lookout for the next big thing, TikTok might just have the answer. Many of my favorite girls’ night ideas have sprung from my TikTok feed, covering everything from PowerPoint parties to cookbook club gatherings. Recently, I stumbled upon a new trend that’s gaining popularity among the fashion-forward crowd: clothing swap parties.

The fashionistas on TikTok have been raving about these events, and I’ve decided to jump on board. I’ve even scheduled my first clothing swap party. Here are the six essential steps to throwing a successful clothing swap:

What is a clothing swap party?

Clothing swap parties are exactly as they sound: a gathering of friends where you exchange items from your wardrobes while enjoying some refreshments. It’s a fun and easy way to declutter your closet while acquiring some new pieces for your wardrobe. Think of it as a shopping spree without spending a dime—and who wouldn’t love that?

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How to throw a clothing swap party

Invite your guests

The first step is to finalize your guest list and start sending out invites. It’s important to invite people who you believe would have common fashion styles, though it’s not necessary for everyone to share the same taste. Aim to pair up friends with similar preferences so that everyone can leave with items they love. This event is also an excellent opportunity for guests to discover new styles they might not have considered before.

Establish the rules

Once you have a headcount of guests, it’s time to set some guidelines. Some basic rules to consider: no stained or damaged clothing, a specified minimum and maximum number of items each person should bring, allowance of accessories, and ensuring everyone follows the swapping system. The swapping system can involve one-on-one exchanges or a collective shopping experience where everyone browses all items at once. Communicate these rules clearly to ensure a successful swap.

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Select your menu

No party is complete without snacks. Choose snacks and drinks that are easy to enjoy and won’t cause stains in case of accidents. Opt for white wines like Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, which are easy to sip and clean up. Consider offering a selection of La Crema wines, known for their sustainable practices. Pair the wines with a charcuterie board featuring cheeses that complement each wine variety.

Choose items you want to give away

Don’t forget to select items to contribute to the swap. Look through your closet, starting with pieces from previous seasons that you no longer wear. Consider what your friends might like and be ready to part with. If you’re unsure, refer to a closet cleanout guide to help you decide which pieces to include.

Set the scene

Transform your space into a temporary boutique by setting up mirrors, clothing racks, and tables for displaying items. Create a changing area and provide bags for guests to carry their new finds. Separate bags for clothing and accessories can help guests organize their haul.

Swap away

Once everyone has arrived and set up their displays, kick off the swapping session. Follow the predetermined system and enjoy the rest of the evening. Any leftover items can be donated to charity or thrift stores.

This post includes a sponsored mention of La Crema, but all opinions are of The Everygirl editorial team.


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