After transitioning from a traditional job to being a writer, the increasing workload made it challenging to keep track of tasks. That’s when I found Todoist, a task management tool that has revolutionized how I handle my self-employed business.

Todoist is a versatile tool that aids in organizing tasks for individuals regardless of the complexity or volume. The app allows seamless access to tasks across devices and operating systems, ensuring efficient task management by integrating with various apps.

What is Todoist?

Todoist provides features like project creation, prioritization, labels, task classification, recurring deadlines, and reminders. Users can select different views to manage tasks effectively, catering to various work styles, making it a valuable tool for entrepreneurs.


One standout feature is the ability to attach detailed notes to tasks, aiding in capturing essential information. This proves beneficial during client interactions when recording specific details is crucial. Todoist offers a free version with sufficient features for many users, while paid plans unlock advanced functionalities.

How to Use Todoist for Self-Employment Management

Managing Deadlines

Todoist complements physical planners by efficiently handling minor deadlines, ensuring all tasks are on track without feeling overwhelmed.

Admin Task Management

Todoist helps in monitoring administrative tasks essential for business operations, maintaining a systematic approach to task management for client-related and personal admin duties.

Project Organization

Todoist’s project organization feature simplifies task breakdown, aiding in efficient project management by categorizing tasks, which is beneficial for handling multiple projects.

Work-Life Balance

For self-employed individuals managing work and personal life, Todoist facilitates handling personal tasks alongside professional responsibilities, aiding in achieving a better work-life balance by creating separate projects for personal pursuits.


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