Not everyone starts their capital journey on an equal footing due to disparities in education, confidence, and a system biased against certain groups.

Sara Batterby, the founder and CEO of The Equity Capital Collective, observed this discrepancy. Throughout her career, she encountered the challenges faced by women and minorities in the capital realm, which inspired her to take action.

The Equity Capital Collective aims to empower diverse founders by providing them with the knowledge and support needed to secure funding for their startups and navigate the complex process effectively. Sara’s journey to founding the company included various roles, starting as a Management Consultant at Accenture after her time at Durham University in London.

Sara stumbled into her first job opportunity, which led her to the world of technology and finance, eventually bringing her to the United States to work with American Express.

At 27, Sara ventured into real estate and later relocated to Oregon, where she recognized the potential for individuals in the emerging cannabis industry and the need for support to succeed.

Witnessing the exclusion of certain groups from the industry due to historical barriers, Sara set out to make a difference by assisting underrepresented entrepreneurs in accessing capital and resources.

After successfully raising $5 million for her initiative, Sara co-founded the Portland chapter of Women Grow to empower future leaders in the cannabis sector.

Transitioning from CEO to educator, Sara transformed her consulting services into an online curriculum, creating The Equity Capital Collective to reach a wider audience in need of financial guidance.

Sara’s mission is not only to educate founders but also to instill a sense of entitlement and confidence in them, essential elements for successful fundraising.

Recognizing the importance of addressing systemic issues such as racism and biased perceptions of wealth, Sara is committed to leveling the playing field and empowering marginalized entrepreneurs.

Her vision for The Equity Capital Collective goes beyond education, aiming to redefine the capital market system to support diversity and inclusivity.


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