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Amazon is offering sellers a range of AI-powered tools, including a new feature where they can effortlessly create a product page on Amazon by simply pasting their website URL.

In a blog post by Mary Beth Westmoreland, Amazon’s VP of worldwide selling partner experience, it was revealed that this functionality will streamline the process of setting up a product page on Amazon. Through the use of generative AI, Amazon can automatically generate a “high-quality” product page based on a seller’s existing brand site. According to Amazon, this will enable sellers to easily convert their current product pages from other platforms into detailed product listings tailored specifically for Amazon’s marketplace, with minimal effort.


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By inputting a URL, brands can delegate the task to Amazon, as the links are processed automatically by Amazon’s AI-driven features.

A webpage showing Amazon's new AI tool to help create product pages.
Amazon will use AI to create product pages on Amazon.
Credit: Amazon.

This feature will be gradually rolled out to U.S. sellers in the upcoming weeks.

Amazon has been investing significantly in AI tools for both consumers and businesses, such as a new e-commerce bot and AI-powered product summaries. These AI-focused products are positioned as valuable solutions aimed at simplifying tasks and enhancing decision-making processes. With this new tool, Amazon emphasizes the benefits for sellers by stating, “This will further enhance and streamline the process of creating product listings, saving our selling partners more time and effort while developing listings for Amazon’s store that appeal to customers and help drive sales.”

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