Autumn is enchanting. The vibrant colors of the changing leaves, the comforting scent of cinnamon wafting in the air, and the crisp bite of the chill all contribute to a season that feels truly alive. It’s no wonder that fall is closely associated with mysticism, symbolized by the iconic figure of a witch (think Hocus Pocus). However, the image of a witch is often clouded by outdated stereotypes such as flying on broomsticks, brewing evil potions, and harboring sinister intentions towards children. In reality, the true essence of a witch is much more complex and nuanced.

Throughout history, witches or those accused of being witches have taken on various forms, with many of them being women. Far from being monstrous, these women were adept in the art of wellness, specializing in herbalism, midwifery, and other healing practices. In modern times, women are embracing these ancient rituals, forging deeper connections with nature and the earth, and embracing practices that enhance their well-being. Embracing your inner witch can be seen as a form of wellness practice in itself. Explore some wellness customs that witches have cherished over the ages to elevate your health during fall and beyond.

1. Harness the Power of Essential Oils with Purpose

Aroma is known to evoke emotions and memories, offering a way to enhance your identity and influence your relationship with the world. Instead of merely diffusing lavender for relaxation or sniffing peppermint for energy, create your own unique blends to tap into specific energies and emotions associated with different scents. Experiment with a variety of essential oils like eucalyptus and lemon, associating each scent with a particular affirmation or feeling.

To enhance the experience further, concoct your own blend using a base oil like jojoba or extra virgin olive oil, mix in a few drops of your chosen essential oil, and transfer the blend to a rollerball vial for easy application. Adding flower petals or herbs to the mix not only enhances the aroma but also beautifies the blend. Remember, setting an intention for the ritual amplifies its impact. Assign a meaningful word to your potion and apply it to your skin as a reminder of that intention whenever needed.

2. Elevate Your Bathing Ritual

Baths have served as a hygiene and ritualistic practice for centuries, offering not just physical cleansing but also mental and energetic purification. By infusing your bathwater with herbs, flowers, or crystals, you can magnify its healing properties. Move beyond basic bubble baths and experiment with various combinations such as basil or eucalyptus for muscle relaxation, lavender or chamomile for calming the mind, or rose petals and basil for skin rejuvenation. Crystals like Rose quartz and Amethyst can help dispel anxiety and invite tranquility into your space.

Your intuition can guide you towards specific plants or crystals that resonate with you. Alternatively, delve into the healing properties of different herbs and stones to align your choices with your intentions. Let your instincts guide you and apply what resonates with you. The effectiveness of bath rituals lies in the intentions you infuse them with, so reflect on what you aim to cleanse, renew, heal, or attract.

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3. Cleanse Your Space with Incense

Various cultures have long utilized burning herbs and incense to dispel stagnant energy and infuse spaces with vibrancy and freshness. With palo santo and sage gaining popularity, it is essential to respect and acknowledge their origins and significance by conducting the ritual mindfully. Incense options like Frankincense and Myrrh have enduring reputations for their healing qualities. Choose an incense that resonates with you to purify your living environment.

Intention forms the foundation of any ritual. By setting the intention to clear negative energy and welcome positive, loving vibes into your home, you infuse the practice with purpose. Visualize your space being filled with favorable energies as the scent lingers, aiding in achieving specific work goals or transitioning from work mode to relaxation.

4. Envision Your Future through Journaling

No mystical post would be complete without a nod to spellcasting. Journaling is a potent way to cast daily “spells” as you transform your thoughts into tangible words on paper. The act of journaling itself is imbued with a hint of magic. By documenting your aspirations for how you wish to feel, act, and be in the future, you can more easily visualize yourself in that desired role, accelerating the manifestation of your desired life.

Write about the elevated version of yourself and contemplate how you want to feel, act, and engage in the future. Immerse yourself in the essence of who you’ve described and observe the shifts in your energy. The transformative power of this practice is undeniably magical.

5. Embrace Daily Affirmations

If journaling seems too time-consuming, opt for a quick alchemizing method by selecting a word or phrase to embody each day. For instance, if you have an important meeting causing nervousness, choose a word like “capable” to embody throughout the day. Visualize yourself fully embodying this word and consider jotting it down where you’ll see it frequently, such as on a desk post-it note. Embracing a single word can be as impactful as envisioning your future self, provided that you set the intention to embrace it wholly.

6. Reconnect with Nature Regularly

Scientific evidence supports the healing properties of nature. However, this knowledge has long been revered by various cultures, tribes, and religions, including witches. Enthusiasts of energy shifts swear by the profound impact of this ritual. Try grounding by walking barefoot outdoors or engaging in forest bathing to absorb nature’s benefits.

Take a moment to feel the ground beneath your bare feet, visualizing the release of any unnecessary energy into the earth. Express gratitude for the oxygen provided by trees and plants, and listen to any intuitive insights that may arise. This ritual is especially beneficial for individuals with busy minds as it encourages slowing down and reconnecting with their inner wisdom. Your nervous system will undoubtedly appreciate this mindful connection.


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