Those infectious TikTok tunes linger beyond the app.
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A recent commissioned report by TikTok confirms what many have intuited since the platform’s surge in 2020: TikTok significantly impacts music streaming.

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Conducted by entertainment data and research company Luminate, the “Music Impact Report” underscores TikTok’s positive influence on the music industry. The report reveals that TikTok users are twice as likely to explore and share new music on social and short-form video platforms. This comes as no surprise, given that songs often go viral on the platform through challenges that prompt users to create their own videos featuring the song.

The report also unveils that TikTok engagement aligns with increased streaming numbers. Coupled with TikTok’s recent collaboration with Spotify and Amazon Music, it suggests the app is striving to entrench itself further in the music industry, a shift from last year’s speculations about TikTok’s potential streaming platform “TikTok Music.”

Other noteworthy findings show that nearly all TikTok users listen to music on streaming platforms, with a significant portion subscribing to these services. In the U.S., 44 percent of TikTok users pay for streaming services, while in the UK, this figure rises to 79 percent. Additionally, across the 10 countries examined in the report, TikTok users are more inclined to attend concerts and invest in other music-related purchases.

It’s evident that TikTok’s influence on our music preferences will continue to expand in the near future.

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