Looking for the famed Starbucks x Stanley Quencher in pink? Consider similar options.
Credit: Stanley / Starbucks / Yeti / Hydro Flask / Simple Modern / Owala / Mashable Composite

Stanley has become a TikTok sensation, particularly after a viral video showed a Stanley tumbler surviving a car fire with its ice contents intact. It’s no wonder it’s a top choice among fans. The brand recently made waves with the release of a pink tumbler in collaboration with Starbucks.

The release event at Target stores on Jan. 3 was reminiscent of the traditional Black Friday rush. Consumers camped out, lined up, and stormed the Stanley display in hopes of purchasing one of the $50 tumblers. Each location reportedly had around 35 to 40 cups, though these numbers have not been officially confirmed. Unfortunately, the cups aren’t available online, and it’s unlikely that any are left in stores.


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The sought-after pink Stanley cups are now fetching around $200 on eBay. If you’re not willing to spend that much (or if you’re boycotting Starbucks), here are some delightful alternatives. While these pink tumbler options may not carry the same prestige as the Stanley, they are equally charming and practical.

Here are some fantastic pink Stanley alternatives available for purchase:

hot pink simple modern tumbler

Credit: Simple Modern

Simple Modern 40-ounce tumbler

$29.99 at Amazon


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