Grab a fantastic deal on the Google Smart Thermostat during Amazon’s Prime Day 2022.
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SAVE $40: Amazon has slashed the price of the Google Nest Thermostat to only $89.99 during the October Prime Day event. That’s a 31% reduction and $40 lower than its regular price of $129.99.

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Google Nest Thermostat

$89.99 at Amazon (save $40)

Amazing deals are in abundance during Prime Day 2. This means substantial savings are also available for one of the most essential smart home additions: the smart thermostat. These handy devices make the management of your home’s heating and cooling incredibly effortless, and currently, you don’t have to pay a premium for a quality thermostat.

Starting from October 11, you can purchase the Google Nest Thermostat for just $89.99. You’ll be saving 31%, which amounts to $40 less than its MSRP of $129.99. You have a choice of four colors: Charcoal, Fog, Sand, and Snow. This model is designed to function without a C-wire for most homes, although some may require the C-wire, available as a separate bundle with a 25% discount, equating to $40 in savings.

This thermostat is compatible with a wide range of HVAC systems. Its installation is relatively simple, and it looks far more aesthetically pleasing on the wall compared to conventional modules. Its primary attraction lies in its capability to learn your heating and cooling preferences. Essentially, it adapts to understand your desired home ambience, whether you prefer a consistently cool temperature or a warmer setting during the winter.

You can conveniently schedule and adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere using the remote-controlled Nest app. Alternatively, you can use Google Assistant to issue voice commands for adjustments when manually changing settings is inconvenient. Additionally, the package includes a Savings Finder, aiding in the identification of more energy-saving opportunities, from reducing HVAC usage to keeping track of maintenance needs.

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If you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to invest in a smart thermostat, this is it.

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