Google’s latest AI model, Gemini, made a big splash this week with its debut. The widely shared demo video showcased Gemini performing remarkable tasks like a cup trick, identifying countries on a map, and accurately recognizing simple drawings. Many speculated that this could be a step closer to achieving artificial general intelligence.

However, experts soon revealed that the video was meticulously crafted, triggering discussions about its authenticity. According to a report from Bloomberg, the video was extensively edited.

How was Google’s Gemini demo enhanced?

Confirming these alterations, Google admitted that the video wasn’t captured in real time. Instead, it was created using still image frames from the footage and text prompts. Although the voice guiding Gemini in the video seems spontaneous, the audio was added later. Additionally, the actual prompts used to elicit Gemini’s responses were shortened, and the response time in the video did not accurately reflect real-time interactions.

Amidst the controversy, Oriol Vinyals, Google DeepMind’s VP of Learning and Research Lead, clarified that the user prompts and responses were genuine but condensed for brevity, aiming to inspire developers. However, this explanation faced criticism, with users expressing feelings of being misled and disappointed.

Despite the criticism, Gemini’s blog post detailing the video creation emphasized its exceptional logical abilities, highlighting specific applications such as data extraction from research papers and supporting academic tasks.

In the end, the true evaluation of Gemini’s capabilities will be left to the users, as discussions regarding its potential continue to unfold.

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