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Yes, it is possible to maintain anonymity on LinkedIn. It’s worth noting that users can sometimes see who viewed their profile, which can feel intrusive.

Being anonymous on LinkedIn is a useful feature, especially when checking profiles of individuals who have contacted you. By enabling this feature, your profile visits won’t be disclosed to the other party. Furthermore, if someone views your profile while you are in anonymous mode, they won’t have access to your profile picture or personal details.


How to see who viewed your LinkedIn profile

However, when browsing in private mode, you won’t see who has viewed your profile unless you have a Premium account.

So, how can you go completely anonymous on LinkedIn? Follow these steps.

How to Enable Anonymous Browsing on LinkedIn

Total Time

  • 2 min
What You Need

  • Smartphone or laptop
  • LinkedIn account

Step 1:
Log in to your LinkedIn profile.

Step 2:
Find the “Me” option at the top and click on the dropdown arrow.

Screenshot of the LinkedIn homepage menu with the "Me" link highlighted.
Locate “Me” at the top of the page
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Step 3:
From the dropdown menu, choose “Settings & Privacy” under “Account.”

Screenshot of the LinkedIn "Account" menu with "Settings & Privacy" highlighted.
Select “Settings and privacy” in the dropdown menu
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Step 4:
Under the menu on the left, choose “Visibility.”

These settings grant you control over who can view your profile and personal details.

Screenshot of the LinkedIn "Account preferences" menu with "Visibility" highlighted.
Choose “Visibility” on the left
Credit: linkedin

Step 5:
Select “Profile viewing options.”

Screenshot of the LinkedIn "Visibility of your profile & network" menu with "Profile viewing options" highlighted.
After selecting “Visibility” on the left, pick your LinkedIn profile viewing options
Credit: linkedin

Step 6:
Choose “Private Mode” at the bottom.

Screenshot of LinkedIn's "Private Mode" setting
LinkedIn “Private Mode” setting
Credit: linkedin

You’ll now appear as an “Anonymous LinkedIn Member,” allowing you to view other profiles incognito. Your profile and contact information will remain hidden from others.

You can also opt for “Private Mode” in your “Story viewing options” to anonymously view LinkedIn members’ stories.

There are many other privacy settings you can adjust on LinkedIn to limit your visibility without going fully anonymous. You can select who can view your connections, see your last name and email address, permit approved apps and partners to display your profile information, and more.

While visibility, particularly discoverability, is crucial for networking and engaging on LinkedIn, the platform offers the flexibility to be less visible when needed.

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