My grandfather’s advice always stuck with me: “You have to try something 12 times before you can be sure you don’t like it.” This wisdom applied not only to acquired tastes like seafood and wine but also to my recent trial with the trending wellness supplement, AG1 by Athletic Greens.

Despite being cautious of influencer marketing, the social media buzz around Athletic Greens and its endorsements from various personalities intrigued me. Encouraged by the positive reviews and a podcast promo code, I decided to give it a shot to experience the purported benefits of this blend of 75 vitamins and minerals.

My journey with Athletic Greens is detailed in the following honest review based on my personal experience.

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1 What is Athletic Greens?
2 How is AG1 different from other greens powders?
3 My AG1 ritual
4 The takeaway

What is Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens, founded in 2010, is renowned for its flagship product, AG1. This greens powder contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients aimed at enhancing gut health, boosting immunity, increasing energy levels, and aiding post-workout recovery.

The brand’s emphasis on “foundational nutrition,” as CEO Chris Ashenden puts it, suggests that AG1 complements a healthy lifestyle by fulfilling nutritional needs that may be lacking in our daily diet.

The prevalence of AG1 among health enthusiasts and influencers in recent years caught my attention, especially after a notable recommendation on “The Blonde Files” podcast. The idea of an easy, science-backed boost in energy and wellness was appealing, leading me to delve into the Athletic Greens world.

How is AG1 different from other greens powders?

Athletic Greens sets itself apart by offering more than just a standard greens powder. A daily serving of AG1 provides a mix of:

  • Vitamins and minerals for immune health and nervous system support
  • Prebiotics and probiotics for digestive health
  • Phytonutrients from superfoods to aid the microbiome
  • Immune-boosting mushrooms
  • Adaptogenic herbs and antioxidants for stress relief, metabolic support, and energy
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My AG1 ritual

Entrance into the world of AG1 came with a price tag—I opted for the 30-day supply at $79, which included the greens powder, a storage jar, a shaker, and extra travel packs. Adjusting my routine, I incorporated AG1 without major changes to my exercise, sleep, or diet habits to gauge its impact.

Day 3

Starting my day with AG1, I found the taste initially challenging but bearable. My energy levels remained consistent after my workout, setting the tone for the rest of the trial.

Day 2

Experimenting with different preparations improved the taste experience, complemented by a perceived boost in productivity and focus.

Day 3

Accustoming to the flavor and noticing clearer skin hinted at possible benefits of AG1’s consistent use.

Day 4

Exploring various consumption methods, such as incorporating AG1 into a smoothie bowl, revealed potential for enjoyable and nutritious combinations, accompanied by enhanced energy levels.

Day 5

Feeling notably alert and energized, AG1 continued to demonstrate potential benefits towards sustained productivity throughout the day.

Day 6

Consistent energy levels and improved sleep quality marked day 6, highlighting potential long-term benefits of AG1.

Day 7

Completing the trial with a newfound appreciation for nutrient-rich choices inspired by AG1, the results of this experience suggest promising outcomes for continued use.

The takeaway

Despite the short trial period, the positive impact of AG1 on energy levels and overall wellness encourages further exploration of its benefits. While the cost may deter some, the convenience and potential rewards make it a worthwhile consideration for individuals seeking to enhance their daily nutrition and well-being.

Embracing the ritual of incorporating AG1 into my daily routine provided a positive outlook and sustained energy levels, offering a refreshing perspective on holistic wellness and self-care.


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