All entrepreneurs excel in multitasking and handling various roles to ensure the success of their business. No one understands this better than Jordan Lee Dooley, a 25-year-old author of Own Your Everyday.

Jordan prefers the title “multi-passionate authorpreneur,” combining roles such as podcast host, community builder, small shop owner, and now a national bestselling author.

Jordan ventured into entrepreneurship during her college days at Indiana University, starting her first business while living in a sorority house. From selling handmade signs on Etsy to becoming a bestselling author, she has embraced her passions and grown as a self-employed individual.

Her journey to success has involved taking steps despite fears and insecurities, emphasizing the importance of owning one’s passions and focusing on growth.

Jordan believes that acknowledging and understanding insecurities is crucial for personal development. She stresses the significance of addressing the root causes rather than merely complaining about them.

“I believe I’ve gotten to where I am today because I’ve taken steps without worrying about being seen starting small or what others think.”

Jordan advocates for self-care as a means to boost confidence and productivity. She emphasizes the value of taking breaks from technology to reset and stay inspired.

Jordan Lee Dooley

Own Your Everyday

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Jordan’s advice for career growth includes breaking free from limiting labels and exploring diverse interests. By embracing her multifaceted passions, she has discovered more about herself and found what truly drives her.

Jordan’s book, inspired by common questions from women about career struggles and purpose, aims to empower readers to break free from restrictive mindsets and pursue their true calling.

If she could advise her 22-year-old self, Jordan would emphasize following genuine excitement and staying true to oneself rather than conforming to societal expectations.

Jordan envisions continuing to create resources for multi-passionate women to help them unleash their potential and embrace their purpose.


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