By combining her nutrition expertise, a thriving blog, savvy business acumen, and unwavering determination, Alexis Joseph has carved a niche for herself as a registered dietitian, restaurant co-owner, and the brain behind Hummusapien. A transformative trip to Israel during her college years ignited Alexis’ passion for nutrition, paving the way for her to merge her love for writing, food, and helping people.

Alexis is on a mission to help you develop a positive relationship with food that brings joy to your life. She is reshaping the wellness landscape by infusing it with happiness. Observing negativity and restriction in the food blogging realm, Alexis chose to champion intuitive eating, leveraging her expertise. In addition to all this, she managed to launch two restaurants. Let’s delve into her journey and explore how she fosters harmony and empathy at the dining table.

Name: Alexis Joseph, MS, RD, LDN, Managing Partner of Alchemy Brands, Founder of
Age: 29
Location: Columbus, OH
Education: BS in Dietetics from Ohio State University, MS in Clinical Nutrition from Ohio State University

How did you secure your first job, and what was it?

My work ethic emerged early as I delved into jobs such as babysitting and camp counseling from 7th grade. My inaugural professional venture was Alchemy, launched right after I completed grad school in October 2014.

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Were you always drawn to the food and nutrition industry? What pivotal moments led you to this path?

No, my initial passion was writing, influenced by my grandfather who was a professional writer, followed closely by food. It wasn’t until midway through college that I developed an interest in nutrition. Originally studying business, a life-changing journey to Israel prompted me to switch to dietetics. This pivotal experience sparked my fascination with plant-based nutrition. While my love for writing and the desire to assist people had always been present, my interest in nutrition bloomed later, amalgamating my passions into one. This synergy culminated in my debut blog post for Hummusapien in August 2011.

I aspired to reach out to a wide audience in an engaging, witty, and educational manner. My goal was for individuals to develop a positive relationship with food. Although my philosophies evolved over time, this juncture marked a significant shift. Initially driven by the goal of combating chronic diseases through plant-based nutrition, I delved into research in this realm, laying the foundation for Hummusapien’s growth. Recognizing my burgeoning obsession with health in 2016, bordering on an eating disorder, I acknowledged my contribution to a culture perpetuating orthorexia, a realization that prompted a shift from a clean eating focus to embracing intuitive eating. This transformation aimed to inspire women to cultivate healthier and more liberated connections with food.

While advocating the power of plant-based foods, I discovered the fine line between maintaining health and slipping into an unhealthy obsession that overshadows other aspects of life. Whether conceptualizing a new restaurant, collaborating with brands on blog initiatives, or guiding nutrition coaching clients to redefine their food relationships, my aspiration is to infuse more joy into the dining experience.

How do you manage running two distinct businesses simultaneously, including your blog, restaurants, and dietitian consulting services?

As a co-owner of Alchemy Brands with A&R Creative, a restaurant group hosting various food concepts, I oversee the operations of two establishments, Alchemy Cafe and Alchemy Kitchen. These modern cafes aim to make wholesome food easily accessible to all, featuring innovative, scratch-made dishes sourced ethically and tailored to suit the community they serve.

Besides managing day-to-day operations, I conduct on-site nutrition counseling, focusing predominantly on women battling with disordered eating patterns. Drawing from my own experience with orthorexia, I derive immense satisfaction from guiding individuals towards a more liberated and joyful connection with food, enabling them to rediscover the pleasures of life.

Outside the hustle of restaurant life, I devote my time to my blog,, which transitioned into a full-time commitment in 2016. This facet entails crafting and promoting plant-based recipes, curating content for food and lifestyle brands, writing nutrition articles, and more.

You seamlessly assume multiple roles and expertise. How do you manage the diverse responsibilities?

Appearing effortless from afar, the reality behind the scenes often involves challenges. Ask my fiancé, and he’ll testify to the contrary! Driven by inspiration and the significance of my work, I strive to stay organized to accomplish tasks critical to advancing the restaurant ventures and ensuring timely blog content. While productivity and task completion have always been my forte, I also acknowledge days of disorganization and inertia. Having navigated the balancing act between managing the blog since 2011 and overseeing Alchemy since 2014, I am accustomed to juggling responsibilities. Embracing productivity and the sense of achievement from task completion fuel my resolve, even as I grapple with the sacrifices, such as working virtually every weekend unless traveling, to maintain both careers.

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If you had to summarize your personal mission in three sentences or less, what would it be?

My life’s purpose is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to find peace and enlightenment in the realm of food and wellness, fostering a more purposeful and joyful existence for all. Leading by example, my aim is to nurture passion, humor, relationships, authenticity, trust, and creativity in my endeavors.

Walk us through a typical day in your life.

No two days are alike! Typically, I rise around 7am, eagerly brewing coffee. I relish those early hours for writing over a cup of coffee, or savor a refreshing walk with my fiancé in good weather. Following some blog-related tasks on my computer, I pause for a mid-morning breakfast. Lately, I’ve been enjoying a mix of cereals, oats, berries, and walnuts with almond milk or opting for oatmeal with berries and nut butter or even pancakes on relaxed weekend mornings. I cherish brunch outings with my partner, indulging in treats like a chocolate croissant while we stroll.

Commencing work for the restaurants at 9am, my day unfolds with menu brainstorming, marketing projects, financial tasks, website enhancements, distributor interactions, team meetings, product sourcing, and overall store oversight. On select days, I also conduct nutrition counseling sessions. After wrapping up my daytime commitments around 6pm or 7pm, I strive to attend a gym class above Alchemy four to five times a week. Returning home, I either enjoy leftovers or whip up a recipe from my blog for dinner, followed by unwinding with blog-related tasks while watching our favorite shows with my partner. Nightly dessert treats like chocolate-covered pretzels or brownies wrap up the day, with bedtime settling around 10:30pm or 11pm. Hummusapien demands my attention in the evenings and weekends, being both my occupation and creative outlet.

Embracing the daily grind, despite believing that balance is an elusive concept, I acknowledge the individualized nature of equilibrium. Juggling multiple responsibilities and roles, adorned with various hats, I revel in the satisfaction of meaningful work. Striving to stay connected to the fervor that animates my core keeps me confident, content, and fulfilled amidst the multifaceted responsibilities I manage.

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You advocate for intuitive eating in your blog and nutrition practice. What does this concept look like in a woman’s daily life?

Intuitive eating entails nourishing your body based on its cravings, eating when hungry, and stopping when full. It’s about honoring your body’s signals, such as opting for a sandwich over a salad, and discarding carb fear. Reflecting on my past routine, I used to stick to a fixed smoothie and lunch schedule, dictated by societal norms. My grocery cart comprised mainly produce and beans, devoid of joy-inducing items like chocolate-covered pretzels. Over time and with practice, I’ve cultivated a more relaxed and liberated approach to food choices, allowing me to eat at varied times and savor treats like ice cream without guilt. This journey, marked by a supportive community, both online and offline, mirrors my evolving values and life perspective.

Similarly, with exercise, I pay heed to my body’s cues, engaging in movement that reenergizes me, without forcing rigorous workouts when fatigued. Rest, stress management, and prioritizing sleep are pivotal facets of one’s nutrition, equal to dietary choices.

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What guidance would you offer women struggling with attaining food freedom, and how can they actualize it in their lives?

I’ve gleaned that health and happiness are subjective concepts, unique to each individual. For me, they translate into an inner tranquility, nurtured by a community that embodies the values I hold dear (like steering clear of diet culture-centric friendships). It encompasses moving my body in a way that serves me, relishing a chocolate croissant under the sun, savoring nutritious cuisine that nourishes both body and soul, nurturing familial bonds, managing stress, and prioritizing quality sleep. Balancing kale with cookies and embracing the spectrum of food experiences underscores the evolving dynamics of health and happiness in my life.

Previously fixated on antioxidants as the epitome of health, I’ve broadened my definition post-2016 to encompass holistic experiences that prioritize relationships and meaningful encounters over rigid dietary rules. My journey has enabled me to cultivate a fulfilling life that accommodates imperfections, places people and experiences ahead of appearances, and fosters a sense of inner joy.

My mission is to empower individuals to lead fulfilling, nourishing lives. Transitioning from a clean-eating to an intuitive-eating approach in 2016 was a pivotal moment that catalyzed a shift in my content focus, fostering discussions on a more balanced view of health and nutrition. Through disseminating this message, I aim to celebrate the ethos of food freedom, spreading the joy of living in the gray area.

For those grappling with severe eating disorders, seeking comprehensive care involving a multidisciplinary team comprising a dietitian, medical practitioner, and therapist is imperative. If in need of assistance with disordered eating without requiring inpatient care, exploring resources such as the books Intuitive Eating and Body Kindness, or tuning into podcasts like Food Psych Podcast, can be immensely beneficial. Consulting a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor is recommended for personalized assistance, ensuring support on the unique journey toward food liberation.

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In a world inundated with sensationalized health trends, how do you navigate through the noise?

Discerning the truth amidst the cacophony of alarmist rhetoric and biased advice poses a challenge in today’s wellness landscape. Be confident in acknowledging that nobody understands your body better than you do. Distinguish between conventional notions of size and health versus actual well-being and longevity. Align your lifestyle choices with your core values and aspirations. Embrace a holistic approach to life where you revel in a diverse range of food experiences, from salads to pizza, green beans to ice cream. Fortunately, major publications are taking a stand against the prevailing wellness culture, diet dogmas, and body shaming, highlighting a shift towards a more inclusive stance.

My transition from a wellness obsession to a balanced lifestyle has enabled me to filter out the clamor surrounding false promises and fad diets. Experiencing wellness from a broader perspective has shifted my focus to more substantive matters, distancing myself from diet-centric conversations that abound in society. By curating a positive environment and engaging with individuals who prioritize overall well-being over transient dietary regulations, I strive to recalibrate the discourse surrounding health and nutrition.

How did you arrive at the names for your blog and restaurants?

The name Hummusapien was ingeniously coined by a former college nanny, Sanna, showcasing her brilliance. As for Alchemy, my business partner conceived the idea inspired by the medieval practice of transforming metals into gold. The emphasis on education and the transformative nature of the alchemical process deeply resonated with us.

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Your Master’s degree is in Clinical Nutrition, not business. How did you acquire the business acumen necessary to manage your diverse ventures?

Displaying a knack for business acumen early on, my encounters with financial challenges propelled me to cultivate a shrewd fiscal sense, fostering self-reliance and success. Opting for a combined Master of Science and dietetic internship post my dietetics degree, the absence of an alternative Master’s program led me down the path of clinical nutrition. Reflecting on my educational journey, I believe an MBA might have been a more fitting choice over an MS.

Navigating the intricacies of restaurant operations was a learn-as-you-go process, honed through hands-on experience in the field. As for the blog, I scoured the internet for insights, considering blogging was still in its nascent stages when I launched Hummusapien in 2011. Weathering years without monetary returns from the blog, I relied on networking with fellow bloggers and dietitians, alongside vigorous online research. In an era characterized by an expectation of instant gratification, building a business demands unwavering dedication and the essence of hard work.

What’s the most valuable business advice you’ve ever received?

Get what you want, don’t want what you get.

When did you realize that Hummusapien and Alchemy were successful ventures?

A defining moment signifying success isn’t pinpointed in time for either enterprise. Success for me transcends financial gains, encapsulating the positive impact we’ve made on our communities, the enhancement of their well-being, and the operational prowess of our business models. Over the years, we’ve striven to achieve these core objectives, constantly evolving to stay relevant, diversify


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