Now you can decided for yourself whether Galaxy AI is worth the hype.
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Android and iOS users now have the chance to test the Galaxy AI experience without purchasing a new phone.

Samsung introduced a method this week to explore the new Galaxy AI features that are part of the Galaxy S24 Series without the need to own one. Galaxy AI is included in the Samsung One UI 6.1 update, available on the Galaxy S24 Series and soon on the S23 series.

Galaxy AI will no longer be free. Find out when the charges will begin.

The Try Galaxy app enables users to experiment with Galaxy AI features such as Live Translate, Chat Assist, Note Assist, Photo Assist, and Google’s Circle to Search. This allows those who are undecided to experience Galaxy AI without switching phones, as mentioned in the announcement.

Previously, Try Galaxy was aimed at iOS users to encourage them to switch to Android. However, the app was updated with Galaxy AI features and made accessible to all Galaxy users to assess whether the update meets expectations. “AI everything” was the clear focus at this year’s Samsung Unpacked event, which included equipping the Galaxy S24 Series with on-device AI features for real-time translation, message drafting and summarization, and photo editing.

Try Galaxy essentially simulates the S24 series interface with Galaxy AI and also provides tutorials, interactive content, and demo videos to explain how to utilize the features.

To experience Galaxy AI, visit on your phone’s browser and follow the provided instructions. Subsequently, you can launch the app and begin exploring its features. The app is compatible with Android OS smartphones running the latest Chrome version and iOS 14 or newer on Safari.

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