From the 369 method to lucky girl syndrome, manifestation techniques are all over TikTok. But one method is particularly getting a lot of the buzz (and rightfully so). Coined the “O Method,” it taps into the euphoric energy you get when climaxing to help you align with your deepest intentions. In other words, you can make your dreams a reality by having an orgasm (why haven’t I heard of this before?!). If you’re thinking it sounds too good to be true, keep reading (BTW, what do you have to lose? At the very least, you’ll get a great orgasm out of trying). Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the O Method manifestation technique and how to get hot and heavy in the bedroom while manifesting your best life.

What is the “O Method?”

TikToker Sara Perl (@hothighpriestess), who helped make the O Method viral, described the practice to Elite Daily as using the power of sexual energy to manifest what we want. “It’s the combination of feeling, visualizing, and claiming your desired reality.” In a TikTok video, the creator called it “the most powerful way to manifest” and broke down how the unconventional–albeit steamy–approach to manifestation works. “When you’re having fun alone—or with someone else—at the very peak, you will be vibrating at a very high level. This vibrational frequency is very hard to tap into, but you access it when you do this thing.” She goes on to say that the energy released when you orgasm is so powerful that “it creates life…it is your creation center.” And when you grasp it, you open up a portal in the universe to create your manifestation.

Another creator, Krystal Baham (AKA @kulture.of.krystal), claimed that when you start putting intention behind the “release,” you can start to manifest everything you desire and you will see how much power you truly hold within your feminine energy. Why is the O Method so powerful, or potentially better than other manifestation methods? “Because people tend to clear their mind and let go of limiting beliefs at the moment of climax. At that moment, you are one with your higher self,” she expressed.


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How to try it for yourself:

Get detailed on your dream life and then visualize it

The O Method is actually pretty simple: visualize what you want out of your life right as you orgasm. “When you orgasm, visualize exactly what it is you want as if you already have it because after you do this, it is yours,” Perl explained in a TikTok. When you’re close to climaxing, picture your exact wants. What your brain imagines is a lot like reality, so go ahead and visualize your deepest desires to fruition. You’ll essentially become an energetic magnet to your manifestations. “The key to visualization is to put yourself in the state of the end experience,” Perl conveyed to Elite Daily. In other words, imagine what you’re seeking and your future highest self who already has it, down to the micro-details and using all of your senses: What are you doing? Where are you? Who are you with? The winning combination is visualizing what you want, the feeling of it being fulfilled, and the belief that you have the ability to obtain it.

Feel it, rather than just think it

Whether it’s a love interest (FYI, Perl said the technique works best when manifesting love), a fulfilling job, or more confidence you’re after, remember one of the golden rules of manifestation: The energy you put out is what you get back. One way to create the optimal energy for attracting your aspirations is to evoke the feeling of already having them. “One of the pillars of manifestation is feeling,” Perl explained to Elite Daily. “You have to feel the emotion in order to attract it. So if you want toattract more love into your life, you have to feel that love.”

Try it alone or with someone you trust

If you’re just starting out on your O Method journey, Baham recommended going at it alone to get comfortable with the practice because “no one knows you better than you do,” and it may even work better if you do it by yourself. If you’re engaging in it with a partner, make sure you’re with someone you love or trust. Then, share your intention with that person so that you both can focus on it when you orgasm and you can bring your manifestation to life more quickly. While you’re setting intentions for your environment, Baham also advises clearing and aligning your physical and mental spaces since mess and clutter (both physical and mental) block the flow of positive energy.


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Is it worth the hype?

As with any manifestation method, the O Method takes time, commitment, and practice. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to manifestation and each method will work differently for different people. That said, if you read the comments on Perl’s video alone, there is no shortage of people sharing their O Method wins: “I used the O Method this morning…it works like a charm!” declared one commenter. “IT WORKS!!!” proclaimed another. “I haven’t spoken to him in months and suddenly the NEXT day he wants me back.” “GURL U HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH YOU’VE CHANGED MY LIFE, THANK YOU,” another comment said.

But just because the internet girlies are swearing by it does not mean you are going to get your dream job or meet the love of your life after your next orgasm (or maybe you will? *shrug emoji*). Manifestation is not magic—it’s all about what you believe you are worthy of receiving and what’s possible for you in this life, knowing you have the power to make anything happen. So if an orgasm helps you tap into a positive mindset or allows you to believe all of your wildest dreams are possible, why not? After all, if the only outcome is a really good orgasm, we’re fine with that too.


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