Many of us imagine being able to effortlessly manage our tasks and take care of ourselves, but the reality is often quite different. Long to-do lists can cause stress and overwhelm, making it challenging to find the right balance between work and self-care. However, by learning from successful women who excel in both arenas, we can adopt productivity habits that help us navigate our daily lives more effectively.

While everyone has their own unique approach to productivity, there are common habits that successful women share. By speaking with three women who excel in balancing work and wellness, we uncovered key strategies to help you enhance your productivity and find time for yourself without sacrificing efficiency.

Read on to discover the productivity habits practiced by successful women and learn how you can implement them in your own life.

Meet the expert
Erin James
Business and Life Coach, and Founder of SQUAY and Agency Owner Lab
As a business and marketing strategist and consultant, James is passionate about consulting, empowering, and coaching entrepreneurs on life, business, and productivity.
Meet the expert
Jennifer Longmore
Business Success Strategist, Mindset Coach, and CEO of Soul Journeys®
Longmore has built an eight-figure business on consciousness and combines her expertise in spirituality, social work, education, and wealth consciousness in her coaching programs to help clients achieve their deepest desires.
Meet the expert
Alyse Bacine
Breathwork Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, and CEO of Alyse Breathes
Using her master’s in counseling psychology and extensive background in the mental health field, Bacine helps women who feel stuck in their lives transform their realities and get to their next-level selves.

1. Understanding Peak Hours

Successful women recognize their peak productivity hours based on their chronotype, which influences their energy levels and alertness. By aligning tasks with their natural rhythms, they avoid inefficiencies and optimize their performance.

Each woman tailors her schedule to match her unique biological clock, allowing for focused work during their most alert periods and handling less demanding tasks at other times.

2. Enhanced To-Do Lists

Successful women go beyond basic to-do lists by creating separate lists for personal and work-related tasks. They categorize tasks based on their significance and urgency, ensuring nothing is overlooked. By organizing tasks according to importance and deadlines, they maintain focus and effectively prioritize their workload.

3. Task-Oriented Approach

When faced with a long list of tasks, successful women concentrate on completing one task at a time without getting overwhelmed. By directing their attention to urgent priorities, they work methodically and efficiently, leading to a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

4. Effective Time Blocking

Utilizing time-blocking techniques, successful women structure their day into focused blocks of time dedicated to specific tasks. By consolidating similar activities and minimizing multitasking, they increase productivity and manage their workload more efficiently.

5. Strategic Planning

Planning ahead is a key strategy for maximizing productivity. By outlining tasks and commitments in advance, successful women reduce stress and save time. This proactive approach allows them to allocate time for essential activities, leisure, and self-care, resulting in a more balanced and productive routine.

6. Work-Life Balance

Contrary to the belief that success requires constant work and sacrifice, successful women prioritize maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Recognizing the dangers of burnout, they listen to their bodies and take breaks when needed. By fostering a balanced lifestyle, they approach each day refreshed and motivated, enhancing their overall performance.

7. Utilizing Focus Tools

To combat midday slumps and maintain focus, successful women employ various tools such as short walks, music, deep breathing, or hydration. These strategies provide quick energy boosts and help them stay productive throughout the day.

By incorporating these productivity habits into your routine, you can work towards achieving your goals with efficiency and balance, just like the successful women who inspire us.


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