Ah, Wednesday—the middle child of the week. While the first half of the week can seem so new and full of promise and the latter half builds up toward the weekend (yay!), Wednesday can feel like a lull. Despite your job satisfaction, experiencing a mid-week slump is common. Fortunately, successful women have a few tricks up their sleeves to lift themselves out of a funk and regain momentum.

1. Engage in Activities to Clear Your Mind

Clearing your mind can take various forms, with a popular choice being taking a walk. Walking is a time-tested method that can help break the monotony of screen staring and uplift your spirits. Incorporating a mid-week walk combined with listening to a wellness or career podcast can rejuvenate you and provide the motivation needed to tackle the next day head-on.

2. Seek Inspiration When Needed

Maintain a source of inspiration to keep you motivated. Creating a Pinterest board with your goals can serve as a quick reminder during challenging times. This form of motivation is more effective than aimlessly scrolling through social media, offering a reset and realignment of your focus towards achieving your aspirations.

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3. Plan Enjoyable Activities Throughout the Week

Don’t reserve fun activities exclusively for the weekend. Spice up your weekdays by scheduling enjoyable events, such as virtual classes or indulging in a favored meal. By adding moments of joy mid-week, you can break the monotony and create anticipation for these little treats.

4. Optimize Your Work Schedule Based on Your Productivity Peaks

Adjust your work schedule to align with your peak performance times. If certain days feel overwhelming due to back-to-back meetings, consider rearranging your schedule to create a more balanced workload. By optimizing your workdays, you can reduce mid-week slumps and increase your overall productivity.

How Successful Women Tackle The Dreaded Mid-Week Slump

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5. Reward Yourself for Achievements

Incorporate rewards into your routine to boost motivation. Whether it’s a special treat or activity after a challenging workday, rewarding yourself can provide extra motivation and make the week more enjoyable. Find what brings you joy and use it as a positive reinforcement tool.

6. Analyze the root cause of your slump

If mid-week slumps persist despite trying various strategies, take time to evaluate the underlying reasons. It could indicate a need for work boundaries, a shift in responsibilities, or seeking additional support. Self-reflection is essential for identifying areas that require change to enhance your overall happiness and productivity during the week.


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