You’d think training to take on her alter ego superhero role in Madame Web would require Dakota Johnson to log in hours at the gym and undergo an intense regimen. Action stars have to be a different level of fit, after all. Well, think again. I caught up with Megan Roup, the fitness trainer Johnson credits for her transformation into Cassandra “Cassie” Webb in the newest Spider-Man universe blockbuster. (Pssst: Listen to Megan Roup on The Everygirl Podcast!). Roup’s philosophy? Working out less. Ahead, Roup breaks down Johnson’s workout routine and how we can get in on the (superhero) action. The best part? Equipment is optional—the only form of cardio you’ll be doing is dancing, and all you need is at most 45 minutes.

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Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web Workout Routine

Johnson’s goal in working out with Roup was tobuild strength and stamina to keep up with her long days on set. A win-win for both parties, Johnson was already a devotee of The Sculpt Society, having discovered Roup’s low-impact sculpt and dance cardio workouts during the pandemic. Johnson clearly gravitated toward the sweat sessions so much that she came back for more. Read on for a recap of Johnson’s workout program courtesy of Roup.

2-3 days per week: 45-minute dance cardio + strengthening class

Before filming commenced, Johnson and Roup met in person two to three times per week to do a traditional 45-minute full-body Sculpt Society class, which incorporates a dance cardio warm-up and toning exercises targeting the arms, legs, abs, and booty with small weights. “We’d do dance cardio with 3-pound hand weights, then standing legs, then we’d go into plank abs, then two glute-focused combinations wearing an ankle weight, and end with dance cardio.”

Roup kept Johnson on her toes, sometimes quite literally (think: planks). “No class is the same,” Roup conveyed. “They all have a dance cardio warm-up, but each workout targets different muscle groups. Some are focused on the inner thigh, and others, the outer thigh, booty, abs, or arms.”

2-3 days per week: 20+ minute dance cardio + strengthening class

When Johnson was in the thick of filming, Roup sent her various workouts from her platform to incorporate into her day, depending on her schedule.“Every week, I’d send her 20-, 30-, and 45-minute workouts to work into her schedule depending on what it looked like,” Roup said. “I’m all about committing to shorter workouts so you can consistently show up. It’s not sustainable to work out hours a day. If you fit in at least 10 minutes every day, you’ll be more motivated to continue your practice and see results compared to going hard all the time and getting burned out.”

1+ day per week: Rest and recovery

Taking time to recover is high on Roup’s training priorities, and she made sure it was part of Johnson’s fitness program. “I recommend at least one rest day per week,” Roup said. “It doesn’t mean you have to be sedentary. It can be an active recovery day—a walk outside, a stretch, sauna, or, in Dakota’s case, gentle yoga.”

More tips to train like Dakota Johnson

To take a page out of Johnson’s Madame Web training book, it’s as simple (and accessible) as downloading The Sculpt Society’s app and hitting play at home. The hard part is choosing which of the hundreds of classes to sweat it out to. From Slow + Controlled Beginner classes to similar 45-minute full-body sessions that Roup guided Johnson through IRL to the exact 20 and 30-minute workouts Johnson did while away filming, the platform has got it covered.

While the workouts Johnson did were advanced, Roup suggested trying her intermediate classes if you’re not quite at that level. And there’s no shame in slowing it down further with her beginner options. “It’s about finding the right level for you and listening to your body’s needs,” Roup encouraged. Clairvoyant powers or not, you’ll get a solid sweat sesh no matter what.


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