Author Stephen King has once again taken to Twitter to address Elon Musk, this time, criticizing the platform’s rename to “X.”
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Stephen King has once again criticized Elon Musk in public, this time focusing on the name change of the platform, previously known as Twitter.

What has sparked King’s latest criticism? The name “X” itself.

On Thursday, King expressed his frustration with the new name, stating, “This X thing has got to go,” alongside the hashtag “#ChangeItBack.”

By the phrase “change it back,” King is advocating for a return to the platform’s former name, Twitter.

King has consistently voiced his disapproval of Musk’s decisions since he took over the platform last year. This marks yet another instance in which he has ridiculed Musk’s choices, specifically urging Musk to revert the platform’s name.

However, unlike many of Musk’s other critics, the owner of X has previously indicated an appreciation for King and his work, leading to occasional back-and-forth exchanges between the two on the platform.

King’s comments seem to hold weight with Musk; previously, they engaged in a public negotiation over the fair price for X Premium, the paid subscription service formerly known as Twitter Blue. Musk initially proposed a higher price, to which King expressed his disdain. Musk eventually gifted King with a free Twitter Blue subscription.

It’s unlikely that Musk will alter the “X” name due to King’s plea. Nevertheless, there’s a possibility of a response from Musk, perhaps in the form of a counteroffer similar to their previous exchange. One might wonder if King will be the sole exception allowed to retain his profile URL if and when Musk eventually moves the site to the domain completely.

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