If you ask me, autumn is more than just a season—it represents a particular state of mind. Although the weather might still be warm (or even hot), there’s a psychological shift that occurs every year as September approaches. Fall signifies a renewed energy with the beginning of a new academic year and a sudden desire to revamp your living space and refresh your routines. It’s also a time to fully embrace all things cozy, particularly when it comes to how you spend your leisure hours. While summer activities are centered around being outdoors and basking in the sun, autumn hobbies revolve around staying indoors and getting snug, regardless of the climate.

If you’re seeking to diversify your downtime, or simply eager to experiment with something new (all while clad in your coziest loungewear, of course), keep reading for 14 soothing hobbies that are perfect for starting in the fall.

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1. Reading

Curling up with a good book is the epitome of comfort, especially when accompanied by a cozy armchair, a soft throw, and an oversized hoodie. While reading is a year-round activity, fall is an ideal time to immerse yourself in a book, particularly if you missed out on summer beach reads. Need suggestions? Check out these cozy fall book recommendations to kickstart your reading journey.

2. Board Games

After a long day, it’s refreshing to put away screens, especially if you’ve been in front of a computer all day. Playing board games is a perfect post-work hobby that can be enjoyed solo or with friends, sans smartphones. Who’s up for a game of Monopoly?

3. Baking

Autumn is synonymous with baking. From pumpkin bread and apple pie to ginger snaps and cider doughnuts, there’s a plethora of seasonal delicacies to whip up, providing a relaxing pastime. Besides, you’ll have delightful treats to share with loved ones.

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4. Candle- or Soap-Making

Engaging in home-based crafting hobbies is immensely fulfilling. This season, why not try your hand at crafting candles or soap? Candle-making offers a great way to repurpose jars or other attractive glass containers (thrift stores are treasure troves!), while homemade soap enhances cozy baths on chilly evenings. Numerous kits are available with all the essentials to kickstart your crafting journey. Whether you keep your creations or save them for holiday DIY gifts, the choice is yours.

5. Needlework

Embark on needlework activities like knitting, crocheting, embroidery, or punch needling to keep your hands occupied and craft beautiful items this fall. With endless patterns and designs to choose from, along with handy kits to get you started, you can create your scarves or knitted blankets in preparation for winter. How delightful!

6. Bullet Journaling

Journaling has been a beloved pastime for me since I was a child. There’s something cathartic about penning down your thoughts, dreams, and musings on paper. Amid a plethora of journaling options, I find solace in bullet journaling. Opting for a journal with blank pages empowers you to select your preferred prompts, while a bullet journal grants you the freedom to design your pages as you wish. Whether you prefer elaborate designs with markers, stickers, and scrapbook paper, or a minimalist approach with just a pen and your reflections, the beauty of bullet journaling lies in tailor-making it to your exact liking. Personally, I favor Zebra pens and opt for simple headers over intricate layouts, though the beauty of bullet journaling allows you to make it uniquely yours.

7. Painting

You don’t need expert painting skills to enjoy this hobby! For a relaxed and hassle-free experience, pick up a paint-by-number kit to guide you. Alternatively, let your creativity flow and paint on a blank canvas if you prefer. If canvases aren’t your thing, consider painting small designs like leaves and pumpkins on taper candles for charming, DIY seasonal decorations.

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8. Hiking

Fall presents an ideal opportunity to embark on a hiking adventure, given the milder temperatures, changing foliage, and diminished insect presence. Simply search for nearby hiking trails and venture out for a refreshing outdoor experience. Remember to dress comfortably in layers for added coziness!

9. Coloring

Unwinding with an adult coloring book clad in pajamas beside a crackling fireplace epitomizes a supremely cozy evening. Moreover, purchasing a 64-count box of crayons is a guaranteed way to evoke nostalgic back-to-school sentiments.

10. Leaf-Pressing

The picturesque transformation of leaves is a hallmark of autumn, and leaf-pressing enables you to preserve this beauty long after they’ve fallen. Various leaf-pressing techniques exist, with a straightforward method involving placing leaves between newspaper or wax paper and stacking heavy books on top. Alternatively, you can preserve leaves by submerging them in glycerin for extended longevity. Display pressed leaves in shadow boxes or frames for a captivating DIY home decor project.

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11. Making Mulled Wine

Most of these cozy hobbies pair impeccably with a warming beverage. While tea, coffee, and cocoa are classic choices, crafting mulled wine is an intriguing option that could evolve into a hobby in itself. Experiment with different red wine blends, brandy or Cointreau, fruits, spices, and sweeteners to perfect your personalized mulled wine recipe. Combine your ingredients in a saucepan or slow cooker, bring to a simmer, cover, and simmer on low heat for at least 15 minutes. Then savor a cup of your delectable, warm concoction.

12. Puzzles

My cherished memories of completing puzzles during snow days evoke feelings of coziness to me. Settle in with a comforting show or autumn playlist and engage in puzzle-solving at the dining table. For a heightened experience, consider investing in a puzzle mat that can be rolled up after your evening puzzle session to maximize space.

13. Video Games

Playing video games can offer a cozy experience when opting for low-stress, relaxing games devoid of imminent danger or high stakes. Animal Crossing: New Horizons embodies the quintessential cozy game, and both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite serve as excellent beginner-friendly consoles to commence your gaming journey. Cuddling up on the couch with either console guarantees a relaxing and unwinding experience.

14. Creative Writing

If you’re an avid reader, perhaps creative writing could be the perfect new hobby to embrace this fall. This cost-effective creative outlet serves as a valuable stress reliever, with endless avenues to begin. Experiment with poetry, craft short stories, create fan fiction inspired by beloved books or shows, or seek online creative writing prompts for inspiration. Regardless of your choice of writing, ensure your setting exudes coziness—cue candles, soothing background tunes, and a mug of something warm for added inspiration.


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