BookTok has once again asserted its influence in the literary world for the year 2023. Beyond just a platform for videos, TikTok’s reading community significantly impacts book culture, shaping curated shelves and bestseller lists. This year has seen a multitude of new romantic obsessions, the long-awaited release from Emily Henry, and an array of beloved adaptations.

Below, you’ll discover a curated collection of BookTok’s favorites from this year. If your reading aspirations fell short in 2023, fret not—2024 holds a treasure trove of captivating titles just waiting to be explored.

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BookTok promotes reading as a lifestyle, and its influence is undeniable.

The Guest by Emma Cline

Credit: Random House

The Guest by Emma Cline


This novel took BookTok, as well as the broader literary community, by storm this summer—a captivating story with good reason. It delves into the tale of Alex, a striking and cunning grifter, evicted from her wealthy lover’s coastal abode in the waning days of summer. Determined to reunite with him at his annual Labor Day gala, she devises a plan to stay in the affluent town for the next five days. The narrative enthralls readers with an unsettling tension that lingers until the very end. Notably, it’s the disquieting conclusion that truly sparked conversations on TikTok, providing creators with ample material for their favorite pastime: theorizing. — Elena Cavender, Culture Reporter

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros


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