Having a signature cocktail at a party always adds a special touch, and holiday gatherings are the perfect occasion for it. While setting up a DIY cocktail station is fun, serving a specially curated seasonal drink can elevate the celebration. For instance, my family tradition involves enjoying a pomegranate gin fizz cocktail on Christmas Eve (check out a similar recipe below!). There’s something about the red sparkling drink topped with fragrant rosemary that truly embodies holiday spirit. Whether you prefer fizzy and fruity flavors or rich and spicy blends, there’s a holiday cocktail recipe to match your taste.

If you’re looking to serve your own seasonal signature drink, you’ve come to the right place. These holiday cocktail recipes are perfect for enjoying as a Christmas Eve nightcap, sipping while unwrapping presents, or pairing with your holiday dinner.

1. Gingerbread White Russian

2. Cinnamon Apple Bourbon Smash


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