Last night Swift posted a TikTok with Kelce. Credit: Getty Images : Ezra Shaw / Staff

Taylor Swift has once again captured the online spotlight, this time on TikTok.

On Monday night, the famous singer shared a video featuring her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, at a Super Bowl after-party. The video kicks off with Kelce embodying the typical “boyfriend in an Instagram story” demeanor, sticking out his tongue and playing to the camera. Overlay text reads, “It’s a friends and family party they said.”

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The camera then pans to reveal a club lit with red neon lights. Swift then turns the camera to showcase her parents squeezed into a booth, with the caption reading, “Bring your parents they said.” Showing her signature humor, Swift grimaces at the camera. (Interestingly, the background track playing is Ludacris’s 1999 hit “What’s Your Fantasy.”)

In the post’s caption, Swift humorously writes, “Accidentally going clubbing with your parents is something everyone should try at least once in their life.”

The comment section is flooded with fans expressing their surprise at this seemingly more personal social media post from the superstar. One comment reads, “A CASUAL TIKTOK FROM TAYLOR IN 2024 THIS IS CRAZY.” Another fan exclaims, “YES TRAVIS IS OFFICIALLY ON THE TAYLOR SWIFT ACCOUNT🥳”

Between this TikTok video and clips of Swift and Kelce dancing to “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” at the afterparty, the couple stole the social media spotlight at the Super Bowl, igniting conversations everywhere.

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