So, you’ve got your tickets, packed your bags, and you’re all set to go on that well-deserved vacation. But before you hit the road or take off, there are a few important tasks you shouldn’t overlook. Whether you’re embarking on a road trip or heading to a distant destination by plane, it’s essential to ensure that everything is in order at home before you leave. This vacation checklist covers the small details that may slip your mind in the excitement leading up to your trip. Before immersing yourself in full vacation mode, make sure to check off these last-minute tasks from your to-do list.

1. Clean out your fridge and take out the trash.

Prior to your departure, consume perishable items in your fridge to prevent any unpleasant odors upon your return. Dispose of anything that will expire while you’re away and make sure to empty the trash so your home stays fresh during your absence.

2. Adjust your thermostat by a few degrees.

Save energy by adjusting your thermostat to a slightly higher temperature since there’s no need for the AC to run when no one’s home. Keep cooling costs down by closing curtains or blinds before you leave, but avoid turning off your HVAC system completely to prevent returning to a hot house and potential maintenance issues.

3. Free up storage space on your phone.

Before you embark on your adventures, delete unnecessary photos or unused apps on your phone to avoid running out of storage space while capturing memorable moments. Once you’ve cleared up space, feel free to snap as many photos and videos as you wish.

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4. Screenshot important travel information.

Make accessing essential travel details hassle-free by saving screenshots of important information, such as flight details, train tickets, and accommodation confirmations, on your phone. This ensures you can easily retrieve the information even without internet access, preventing last-minute connectivity issues.

5. Inform your bank about your travel plans.

Prior to your trip, notify your bank or credit card company of your travel arrangements, especially for international travels. This precaution helps prevent your card from being flagged for suspicious activity when you use it abroad, ensuring uninterrupted use of your cards while shopping or making transactions during your vacation.

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6. Give a spare key to someone nearby.

Consider entrusting a spare key to a trusted individual in case you need assistance with tasks like watering plants or looking after pets while you’re away. This simple step can also be beneficial in emergency situations or if you misplace your keys during your travels.

7. Share your itinerary with a loved one.

Share your travel itinerary detailing your destinations and expected return date with a family member or close friend. While you hope everything goes smoothly, having someone informed about your trip can be crucial in case of any unforeseen circumstances.


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