Getting caught up in the responsibilities of daily life can cause us to lose touch with old friends. If it’s been a while and you want to reconnect without it being awkward, here are six ways to do so:

1. Engage on social media

Stay connected on social media by leaving genuine comments, replying to stories, and sending direct messages. By engaging regularly, your friendship can naturally grow.

2. Send a quick text

Reach out with a simple text by reminiscing about past memories and expressing a desire to catch up. If you don’t have their number, try reaching out through mutual friends or social media.

ways to reconnect with an old friend

Source: Pexels | @sam-lion

3. Get together with mutual friends

Plan a group gathering with mutual friends to ease the reconnection process and prevent awkwardness. Having others around can help keep the conversation flowing.

4. Work through conflict

If there was a falling out, take the first step to resolve it. Be open about your intentions and clear the air before suggesting meeting up again.

female friends picnic

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5. Share memories

Send old photos or reminders of shared memories to spark a conversation. Tag them in relevant posts or comment on past experiences to reconnect.

6. Ask if they want to get together

Be direct and ask your friend to meet up. Don’t hesitate to reach out and propose specific dates and places to reconnect sooner rather than later.


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