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SAVE $240: The eufy Security SmartDrop delivery box is now only $159.99 at Amazon, discounted from its regular price of $399.99. You can now enjoy a 60% discount, making it the lowest price ever seen on Amazon.

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eufy Security SmartDrop

The convenience of having nearly all of life’s essentials delivered to your doorstep is one of the greatest modern conveniences. Ran out of toilet paper? Get it delivered within hours. Don’t feel like cooking? Have a week’s worth of meals waiting on your porch tomorrow morning. The only downside to this convenience is leaving packages vulnerable to weather and porch pirates. Solve these issues with the current eufy Security deal on Amazon.

As of January 30, the eufy Security SmartDrop delivery box is on sale for $159.99, down from its usual price of $399.99, saving you $240.

The eufy Security SmartDrop is your package delivery protection. Constructed from cold-rolled carbon steel, this locking box provides a sturdy and weatherproof solution to keep your packages safe on your porch until you can bring them inside. Couriers can easily place packages in the box with simple guidance. Through the app, you can monitor deliveries in real-time with the motion-detecting camera. You can also communicate with a courier using the two-way audio feature in the app to provide any delivery instructions.

Upon returning home, you have multiple options to open the box — use a pin code, access it through the app, employ a traditional key, or utilize voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant. The range of access methods allows you to share the pin code or open the box through the app if the kids arrive home first and are eager to play with the new toy that Amazon delivered earlier.

The eufy Security SmartDrop is built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring that your deliveries remain secure and undamaged in any wind or rainstorms.

If you often worry about packages left on your porch or no longer want to trouble your neighbors to retrieve important deliveries from your doorstep, this deal on the eufy SmartDrop delivery box is your cue to eliminate that concern from your list of worries.


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