Leave behind any self-criticism this week as we focus on unlocking your inner strength to become the best version of yourself. Whether you want to improve your health, relationships, career, finances, or all of the above, this week is about taking action. While it may require effort, discovering your true self can help you understand your priorities and work towards your ideal life. Your journey to your best self will be unique to you, and that’s what matters! Everyone’s path is different, and there’s no right or wrong way. Continue reading for a breakdown of Week #4 of our January Challenge. Consider it a seven-day guide to living authentically.

january challenge week 4

Monday: Try journaling about your highest self

Begin by reflecting on who your best, most authentic, and happiest self is. Consider their personality traits, how they interact with others, their morning routine, dietary habits, and self-perception.

Tuesday: Listen to “This Episode Will Change the Way You Think With Brianna Wiest”

Explore how Brianna Wiest, a renowned author, shares insights on transforming your mindset, life, and healing through her impactful writings that aim to shift your perspective and inspire growth.

Wednesday: Read 6 Green Flags You’re Becoming Your Best Self

Take a moment to acknowledge your personal growth by reading this article that highlights positive signs indicating that you are on the right path to achieving your dream life.

Thursday: Listen to “Mimi Bouchard’s Formula to Become Your Highest Self and Design Your Dream Life”

Join Mimi Bouchard on her journey of personal development as she shares a two-step formula for manifesting your desires and discusses her path to self-transformation, offering tools to help you become your best self.

Friday: Do one thing today that your best self would do

Live like your highest self by adopting habits and actions aligned with your ideal self. Embrace activities that reflect your goals and values, moving closer to the life you aspire to live.

Saturday: Listen to “How to Be Radically Content with Jamie Varon”

Discover insights from Jamie Varon on overcoming limiting beliefs, societal pressures, and finding true contentment in life. Learn about manifestation, intention, and the pursuit of happiness to empower yourself.

Sunday: Read “Secrets to Personal Growth: 7 Strategies That Helped Me Become My Best Self”

Further explore strategies for personal growth as you continue on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Gain valuable tips on self-discovery and empowerment through simple yet effective practices.


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