When I had my daughter last year, I was overwhelmed by the support and kindness of my friends as my life transitioned drastically. The best way to help a friend who just had a baby is to offer assistance and emotional support. Simple gestures like doing the dishes, watching the baby so they can shower in peace, or even sending a text requesting photos can mean the world to a new parent who is adjusting to their new life. If you’re considering a physical gift, here are some wonderful items that thoughtful individuals gifted me.

Spoonful of Comfort
New Parent Care Package
This care package for new parents is a wonderful gift, containing hand-crafted soup, bread bowls, and freshly baked cookies. You can even enhance this thoughtful gift with comforting items like a knit throw, socks, or luxurious hand cream.
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Emi Jay
Big Effing Claw Clip
This oversized clip is a lifesaver for new parents, helping to keep hair out of the way and adding a touch of elegance to a messy bun.
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