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Ever experienced a disastrous date? One woman not only shared hers but also pinpointed the exact restaurant she was taken to, capturing the attention of millions online. This unfolded when she found herself at The Cheesecake Factory for a first date.

The widely known chain eatery, celebrated for its diverse menu, unexpectedly found itself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. A TikTok video showcasing a woman’s adamant refusal to enter The Cheesecake Factory spread like wildfire across various social media platforms recently.

The video, in which the woman candidly addresses the camera, underscores her strong aversion to the restaurant choice. “Who takes someone like me to a chain restaurant?” she mockingly remarks, adding, “Look at me: I cannot go to Cheesecake Factory. I will die.”

Following this, things escalated. The original six-minute video captured the woman voicing her dismay while confronting her date outside the restaurant. The altercation turned into a heated debate, a common trope of such TikToks, often staged for dramatic effect and attention, and it achieved just that, racking up millions of views. Reactions predominantly favored the guy and The Cheesecake Factory, with typical comments defending the choice, such as “What’s wrong with the Cheesecake Factory?” or “He seems so nice, I would’ve been excited for The Cheesecake Factory.”

Soon, a viral debate erupted online, triggering a list of 28 places deemed unsuitable for dates, stirring even more attention. Prominent figures like Stephen A. Smith and shows like “The View” also joined the conversation. Even The Cheesecake Factory had something to say in response.

While her conduct may have been questionable and somewhat uncalled for, it’s hard not to empathize with the woman behind the initial TikTok. In a society driven by the thirst for viral content, it’s no surprise why The Cheesecake Factory’s conventional appeal might be seen as an insult. Not to mention, the average guest spends about $30 at the restaurant. Adding drinks, dessert, and a customary 20 percent tip, a first date there could easily rack up a bill of around $100.

Mirth around this incident is likely to persist. First dates are challenging, especially when it comes to choosing a restaurant, and particularly for two people just starting to get to know each other. While supporting local eateries is commendable, there’s also something to be said for opting for a place providing a wide-ranging menu. Besides, at least The Cheesecake Factory promises a delightful dessert—assuming you actually make it inside.


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